Graph Neural Network solving Non-deterministic Polynomial-time Optimization problems

Table of Contents1. Overview
>>> What is a combinatorial problem?
>>> Why Graph Neural Network?
2. Outline of papers
>>> Approximation Ratios of Graph Neural…

Bio and Table of Content

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  • 葉津源 (Jimmy Yeh)
  • Currently studying Ph.D. in
    the Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Research focus: Mesh generation, 3D reconstruction, Graph Neural Networks.

Table of Content

All roads to 3D reconstruction

Graph Neural Network Study Group Notes



Convex Optimization (know your Gradient Descents!)

How to write a good paper? How to write a good review? How to write a good rebuttal? How are reviews used in the decision process?…….. summarizing key points from the 5hr tutorial…

Tutorial website:

Tutorial full session recording (youtube):

  • 9:00 — How to write a good paper
  • 40:40 — How to write a good review
  • >> 1:06:00 — How to be a good reviewer
  • >> 1:28:10 — How to write a good review (as a newcomer in the field)
  • >> 1:58:20 — Novelty is in the eyes…

How does Graph Neural Network interact with these topics?

Recommender System

Given .obj (& .mtl) files, how to render images from different camera angles? With Blender Python API.

The ShapeNet dataset

Research on Adversarial Attack against Graph Neural Network.

Table of Contents1. Overview
>>> What is an Adversarial Attack
>>> Attack on GNN
2. Outlines
>>> Adversarial Attacks…

what are the baselines?

How to create the 3D mesh?

Deform from sphere or ellipsoid mesh

Create Point Cloud

Deep + structure from motion

What happens when we implement the techniques on the Liberty statue? (direct transfer)

How to mesh, this is the question for my deep learning research

A coarse polygonal mesh of a dolphin.
Table of ContentWhat is mesh?Popular 3d model dataset collectionsTransformation: sampling point cloud from CAD or mesh

What is mesh?

Popular 3d model dataset collections

ABC: A Big CAD Model Dataset For Geometric Deep Learning

  • includes STL file, with dense (yet possibly low quality) triangulation.




Transformation: sampling point cloud from CAD or mesh

Jimmy Yeh

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